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Shopping online
As consumer
in Europe
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means to benefit of a set of rights. Knowing these rights helps us to reduce the risk that something goes wrong and wreck our plans but also to claim them if necessary.
when you buy goods or services, be it online or in a shop, in your home country or in another EU country, you have rights!
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The right to receive
clear and accurate
Before making a purchase you have the right to be informed about
the main characteristics of the product or service you are going
to buy, its price, the payment and delivery conditions, the seller’s
identity as well as how to exercise the right of withdrawal
(when applicable) and how to contact the seller if need be.
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The right
to change your mind
about the online purchase
You can return the goods within 14 days and get your money back without
giving any reasons or paying additional costs except for the shipping ones
if it's foreseen in the contractual terms. However, you are requested to return
the goods in the same conditions you got it, so you can check the product
without using it.
The right
to refund
if you are not delivered
The seller, unless agreed otherwise, has to deliver the purchased goods
no later than 30 days from the order. If the seller failed to deliver
you within the agreed time or that one set out by law, you are
entitled to cancel the order and get your money back.
The right to receive
goods in conformity
If the goods you receive is faulty or different from how it’s advertised
you have the rights to have the goods repaired or replaced for free
within a reasonable time and without causing you significant
inconvenience. If repairing or replacing the goods is impossible or
costly for the seller you can get your money back or a price reducing.
You have this rights for 2 years, at least.
the right
not to be
because of your place of residence or your nationality when
purchasing goods or services across borders. You should be
able to access every websites in the EU without being
re-routed from one country version to another. Likewise, you
should be able to place an order at the same conditions and
price fixed for buyers residing in the country of the seller.
The right
to find support
to claim your rights
Whenever you purchase goods and services abroad and have problem
with a trader you can try to sort it out turning to the European
Consumer Centre (ECC) of your home country. The ECC informs you
on your rights and assist you to resolve a complaint against a trader
based in another EU country, Norway and in Iceland.
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